Actors folio for 10 year old Kiara

Actors head shots for Kiara 002

This seek Kylie brought her 10 year old daughter Kiara, in for actors head shots & a few model images. Right from the moment Kiara walked in the door we knew she was a bundle of personality and if this little girl does not end up in front of the camera it will be a great loss for the viewing audience.

Kiara was smart, funny, she listened to everything we told her and she knew how to pose. This of course, made our job so much easier and we loved working with her. We would thoroughly recommend her. We hope you enjoy her images.

“Thank you Karen, and thank you to Dean & Carla also – your formidable team.  Thank you for welcoming Kiara and I to your home and studio and for producing such stunning and edgy photos  – we are so happy with them.  We will highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone.  I just love your photos Dean – ‘you don’t take a photograph, you make it’, thank you for making something special for Kiara. We have already had great feedback from Kiara’s agent and family and friends.

Karen thanks for giving some valuable feedback to Kiara to look at magazines and to keep practicing posing.  We know she has a long way to go and it’s a tough industry, but this is what she loves and wants to do and we will continue to support her dream.  We hope to return to you in the future to create more special moments.” Kylie.

If you would like pricing and details on a model folio for your child please call Karen on 0402 230669 or email on this link.

Here is a link to our child model folios on our models/actors website.

Actors head shots for Kiara 006

Actors head shots for Kiara 001

Actors head shots for Kiara 003

Actors head shots for Kiara 005