Family photography session for Tanya Rein

This weeks family photography session was for Tanya & her beautiful family. This is Tanya’s story. . . .

“My story.

I came across a post requesting children and their instruments for a photography session and as my daughter plays violin I thought why not. Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I had been battling treatments for quite a while and thought I was in the clear. Not long after I responded I had follow up scans which revealed more cancer, now in my bones. So when Karen contacted me, and I realised they were based in Brisbane, and with looming treatments I sadly declined the offer being financially too much for us at this time. Karen understood completely and the call ended.

A couple of hours later I received a call back from Karen, and it brought me to tears. Dean and Karen so very kindly offered my family a free shoot, and a kind soul by the name of John had offered to pay for my hair and makeup to accompany the session.

When you are faced with battles, memories and time together become so very important. And what Dean, Karen and John have done for us is nothing short of amazing. These images of us together are priceless. Treasured memories that will bring us a smile for many years.

So much fun was had, loads of laughter.

Thank you so much.

Jon, Tanya, Shayde, Summer and Kael Rein