Model folio session for 14yr old Kundai.


14yr old Kundai came to us this week for photographs for her first model folio. Kundai’s family are originally from Zimbabwe and her heritage has most definitely given her an amazing look. Kundai looks amazing and she did a great job in the session.

We have photographed a lot of young girls for their first model folio and we always ensure that images are kept age appropriate and that the girls are comfortable and feel safe at all times. Parents are welcome to be in the session or they can choose to wait in our air conditioned lounge area.

If you would like information on a model folio session for your son or daughter please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can contact us on this link.

You can find pricing and further information & prices on model folios for under 16yrs on this link.


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Couple photography session with Sara and Patrizio

Sara & Patrizio are from Turin, Italy. They are both currently working in Brisbane and hope to stay in Australia for a few years.

They came to us this week for a mixture of couples photographs and some images for Model work for each of them. They have been approached by Boss Models in Brisbane and Patrizio has already had work through the agency. They were a great couple to work with and the love & passion they share for each other is evident in the images. Sara & Patrizio were very happy with the results and have some very special images to keep for a lifetime.

We wish them both all the best with the modelling and their stay in Australia.

Your couples photography session with us can be sexy, fun, romantic or erotic. It is completely up to your comfort level and what you wish to achieve. We photograph in both natural light and with flash so we can cover both the light style and the dark, dramatic style of image for you. Many couples will have a little of each in their session for a wonderful variety of images. Your couples photography session can be nude, in underwear, fully clothed or a bit of each.  Once again, that is entirely up to you. We will pose and style you to suit your body types so that we achieve the very best image for each of you. We will also be sure to capture some special images of each of you separately.

Here is a link to our family & couples information page.

If you would like information on a couples or a model folio session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by email on this link.

007 Couple photography with Sara and Patrizio

014 Couple photography with Sara and Patrizio

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Model folio for 11yr old Jessica.

Model Folio for Jessica Dima 001

11yr old Jessica came to us this week for a model folio. Her parents chose us as they wanted to achieve high end model folio images of Jessica to take to the USA whilst they are there next month. They will be arranging to see a few agents while they are in the US on holidays. We wish them all the best.

We photograph a lot of first time models and especially younger models wanting to achieve a high end folio to take to potential agents. The benefit with having your images taken by an independent photographer and not a model agency is that if you choose to leave that agent you still own your images. If the agency takes your images they may retain ownership and if you leave, you will lose them.

We supply you with magazine quality high resolution digital files without logos or watermarks. You own the usage rights to your images and you can take them to any agent you wish as well as upload them onto third party hosting sites. We will also display your images on our website and Facebook page for added exposure.

If you would like details on a model folio for your son or daughter you will find information on this link or you can contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by email on this link.

Model Folio for Jessica Dima 011


Model Folio for Jessica Dima 005

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